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Collection of branded sphere balloons in coffee shop

Can balloon decorations last a week?

When you have an inhouse event and want the balloon decorations to last - we would choose chrome orbz. These are a new type of balloon that will last longer and look very stylish.‍‍

Which balloon decorations will last a week is often the question we hear.

Air filled latex or foil balloon decor is perfect for this.

Trending at the moment are chrome orbz, these give the image of a solid ball with a shiny finish. Displays with this type of balloon creates a modern feel to any inhouse event and are available in 16 & 21".

There are many air filled designs available which will last a week, including airfilled columns, organic arches and arcs.

With each client we usually start by going through their likes and dislikes to gauge their tastes or whether they have seen something they like on our website.

Next step is an idea on budget which is really important when offering our suggestions.

We have 29yrs of experience in helping clients and have worked in many venues.

With our professional service and experience we can help and guide you through the options or design an orginal display for you.